Our Melting Pots

Our families are hardy pioneer stock. They all came to the US between 1860-1900. I have tried to give a thumbnail history in the list of names below. A link to a decendency chart is available if you need more information.

At the bottom of the page I have listed familes I am trying to link to my lines. In many cases we have a group of us working on it and always welcome newcomers. I sure hope we can find some common ground. You can reach me here with comments, questions and family. Nancy Russell Anderson

    Moravian-- Bohemian-- German/Prussian-- Norweign-- Danish-- Missing Links--

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    Lomica Family BUT THE FAMILY NAME IN 1770 WAS MIKESKA We are not sure if some of the children used the Mikeska name or there were two families in house #2 in 1770. Joe and Jan lived at House 2 and 106. Not sure what happened to rest of children.

    Joseph SR and Maryann (Kovar)Lomica-Zadveric, Mor.

    They lived in House #106 in Zadverich, Mor They had at least 5 children. John, Rose and Frank came to US in 1890 and Joe came later with his family.

  1. John and wife Mary Dolejsi(see family under Bohemia) John came to Ord,NE late 1880, then St. Louis where he married. The family was in Bolivar, MO and Brule county SD. John II married Irene Washechek and that is my link.

  2. Rose Lomica and husband Joe Polak She married Joe who had a family and they lived in St Louis. Rose had a daughter Rose who married Frank Tomasek.

  3. Frank Lomica and ?? I found a Frank on passenger list. I found a Frank in ST. Louis and his records follow John's. I found a marriage in 1894 to Josefine Straleny. I also found a Frank on 1900 census for St Louis. NONE of the dates match so not sure who is who.
  4. Joseph Jr.Lomicaand family Joe came in 1903 with his wife and family. They stayed in St. Louis for several years then went to El Campo,TX. He had several wives.

    Joseph and Mary (Lomica)Zurek -Mor -Valley/Custer NE. Mary is Joseph Lomica Sr. sister. They came from Zadveric abt 1880 to Custer county then abt 1885 moved to Valley county NE.Ord Ne. Family lost. After Joe died Mary remarried a John Slezak. She died in Ord, NE. Mary Lomica and Joe Zurek were second cousins. Looking for more Zurek families

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  5. Mathias and Katheran (Henzlick) DolejsiMathew is from Prague area and Kate from Mirovice. The family came to St Louis. Mathias was a taylor. The children Charles (Thersa Drazal), William (Liz Mik), Frank (Mary Jonak), Josephine (Oscar Schilling) and Mary(John Lomica) married in St Louis. All stayed in St Louis except for Mary.(see Lomica) (Mary is my link)

  6. John and Frank Vodrask/Wodraska/Wodwaska- The VODRASKA family lived in Sobeslav #71. The family came from Kardasova Recice #68. Other surnames in the line are Chmelar, Pavec, Jirsa, The family orignal name was SVITAK

    1. John Wodraska came to Detroit in 1854 married Mary Fisher . Later name changed to Woodraska After the 1881 forest fire John homesteaded with all of his children in Brule county, SD. His daughter Mary married Frank Washechek (See Jacob Washechek Below) Frank and Mary are my link.

    2. Frank Wodwaska came in 1862 and farmed next door (link unknown)
    3. Frantsek Vodraska born 1861 came with a Frank and Francis unknown location.
    4. Brother and sister Jan and Antonin Kraus unknown location birth about 1860.
    5. Jan, Karel, Stanislav, and Alois Vodraska unknown location born after 1846
  7. Anton and Mary Fisher Austria- MI- SD They farmed next to daughter Rose and hubbie Jon Wodraska.(My link) The 1860 census lists a Michael 21,Wensel 18 and Agnes 14 living at the home. I have located a Micheal Fisher but can't link him to Anton except by this census. Nothing is known of Wensel or Agnes.

  8. Jacob and Mary (Duba) Washechek/VasicekOpotov, Boh- Grant Co Wi - SD -OK.
    1. Jacob and Mary left Opatov near Humpolec in 1867. They settled in Grant county Wi. Anna Forman Duba (Mary's mother) came with them. In 1881 they homesteaded in Brule county, SD. All the children stayed in the SD area. Frank Washechek married Mary Wodraska (see John Wodraska above)

      Jacob's mother was Marie Dolejsi of Dusejov #33. Several branches of this family came to Canada and the US.

    2. Wenzel Vasicek age 43 and Maria 41 kids Joe 10, Wensel 9, Anna 5 (ages) on the ship list in Nov 1867.
    3. Wenzel Wasichek age 40 Josphine age30, Joe 18, Wenzel age 14, Anna age 9 on the1870 census living in Grant County Wi. The fate of either of these families has not be sorted out they maybe part of a group in Kansas and Oklahoma or Milwaukee, Wi.
    4. Novak, Zeman, Rychetsky, Beran and Duba lines are also in Grant county.
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    1. John and Julia (Leu)Kruger- Schonlanke - WI -IA- NE-SD John and his family lived at Schonlanke Possen Germany in 1838 and moved to Studzin (Kolmar region)in 1853. In 1861 to Beaver Dam WI.
        They had ten children
      1. Fredirch, John, Emil, and Ferdinand (Clara McDonald) moved to Weeping Water, NE.
      2. Caroline (John Kuhn) died in Owatanna, MN
      3. Julia (Himrich Harder), Amelia (William Kruger) lived in Beaver Dam Wi. area
      4. Emelia ( EJ Pontou) Kouts, IN
      5. Albert (Emilia Grieger), Theodore (Vesta Kruger) went to Hand/Faulk county SD

    2. August and Albertine (Kruger)Ponto - Schonlanke- IA- SD August lived in Schonlanke Germany in 1863 when his daughter Emma was born. Another child died in childbirth along with Albertine. August left for US and spent time at Melvern IA before homesteading in Jerald county SD in 1881. His daughter Emma came to US abt 1879 and spent time with either Leu or Pontou family in Melvern, IA.] In 1885 she married Theodore Kruger (see John Kruger) and homesteaded in Hand county SD. They had 4 daughters Ada (John Hall), Minnie (John Wicker), Vesta (John Russell), and Ellen. The Ponto Family Treehouse is a collection of other Ponto families.

    3. JohnanLeu and Anna Kuhn of Zaskerhutte/Schonfliess Prussia. Children of Mathias Christus came to Melvern Ia in the 1870's Surnames in the line Menschell, Ponto, Warnke, Donner and
      1. Jakob Ludwig Children came to Hand/Falk county SD in the 1880's
      2. Katherine Julie (See John Kruger)came to Beaver Dam, Wi in 1861
      3. Adolph and August to Mills County Ia. in 1870

    4. William and Margaret (Wolbers)Schaefer Rheinland Germany-WI-NE William is from Fritzdorf and moved to Niederdrees He moved the family of 11 to Fussville, Wi in 1844.
        The children moved to:
      • Waukasha county Wi/Milwaukee area Margaret (Jacob Fuhr), Fred, Margaret, John, Christina( John Hennies)
      • Cedar county NE area: Theodore (Anna Ruland), Jacob (Gertrude Molflen), Elizabeth (Peter Kleinschmidt), Josie (John Smith), Hubert (Katie Klinker)

    5. Gerard Hoffman and family went from Juntersdorf to Bruhl to Vernig Rheinland Germany where the girls all married.
        3 daughters of 10 kids have been found
      1. Margaret (Wlliam Fussnich) moved to St Nazianz, Wi Area abt 1850 Missing information on Margaret, Catheine, Peter, Gerard, and Helen.
      2. Catherine Elizabeth(PeterRuland) moved to Fussnich area. Stayed in Milwaukee area Anna (JohnFellenz) , Mary (MikeWick) , Fred (Anna Hubert), Francis (Maria Fischer) Moved to Cedar County NE Abt 1869- Anna (Theodore Schaefer, Elizabeth (GeorgeKast), Anthony (Mary Beste),
      3. Anna Maria (Mathias SMITH/SCHMIDT) lived in Waukesha county area Missing Elizabeth b1839, Margaretb 1842, Mary b 1851. The others have been found in and out of Cedar county NE.John (Josie Schaefer), Gerard and Lucy (Dieckman).

    6. John Russell John married Margaret Smith April 30, 1887 at Scard Heart Catohlic Church in Yankton, SD. They had Martin (Birdie Severson), Rebecca(Maddie)(Archie Buchanon) and John (Vesta Kruger). He was a shoemaker who left in 1895 to go to Chicago. He lived at 335 s Clark and worked out of 412 S Clark. He may have been Polish but wrote in German. He disappears here. Margaret remarried to Nicolas Duehr and the family moved to Miller. Margaret is Granddaughter of William Schaefer and Matias Smith. Hand County, SD.

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    1. Herman and Gina (Faldt) HermansonNord Osen Hedmark Norway to Lake Preston SD. They homesteaded in Williams county ND. Gina's family was Matinus Osen and Marie Gulbrandsdtr of Sordre-Osen Trysil. Other known cousins from the family that came to the Lake Preston were Odden, Lunde, Julson, Svendsen, Jordt.

        Herman and Gina's kids lived:

      1. Hilda (Bojordahl, Martha Anderson, Eddie, Marie Anderson - Kingsbury county, SD area
      2. Gina (Minnie)Gesland- Cherokee, Ia
      3. Martinus- Wilmar Mn
      4. Sena Gustafson and Helmer -Williams county, ND area
      5. Dina Miller- Miner county,SD
      6. Gunda Smith-Portland, OR

    2. Andreas and Johanna(Terborg) Anderson-Andreas is an AABERGE from Luster, Norway. Johanna was born at Raasvelt Prussia. They met and married at Rushford, MN on April 19, 1873. They lived in the Kingsbury and Brookings couny areas of SD.

        They had 12 kids and 9 lived to adulthood. They lived at:
      1. Albert (Martha Hermanson), Anna, Roy (Bernice Fitts), Anton (Dora Terp), Herman (Elizabeth Runner)and Bertha (Chester Corey -Kingsbury county, SD
      2. John Henry (Clara Tabler) -Wessington Springs, SD
      3. Andrew (Dora Davis) -Beecher City, IL

    3. Maret and Halvor Anderson, Lein/Lee-Sor- Aurdal, Oppland, Norway. Marit was married two times. Our line is with Halvor Anderson from Skarabraaten. When he married Marit they lived on the Lein farm. When they came to the US the name became Lee. Some of Marit's first family came to Blooming Praire, MN. Marit and Halvor came with their 6 kids to Oldham, Kingbury, SD Marit died there. Halvor later moved to Catawba, Price, Wi.
        The children were:
      1. Anna (Anderson), , Gurine (Jacobson), Andrew, and Oliana (Hanson) werein Kingsbury County SD.
      2. Bertha (Madson), and Gilbert were in Catawba, WI
      3. Thora (Thompson) was in Blooming Praire, MI
      4. Inger and Siri Amundsdatter location are unknown

    4. Hans Hanson was born on the Bogstad farm at Ullensaker. He came to the Spring Valley, MN area abt 1855. He married Gubjor Rosendal. She died in 1875. Hans remarried. His family lived in the Spring Valley, MN and Mower, Ia area. Hans helped the boys get homesteads in Kingsbury County, SD and lived with them.

      The Children were:

    5. Gus, Abraham, Paul and Albert -Oldham, SD
    6. Clara Jacobson -Madison, MN (I am looking for her daughter Mildred)

    Hans married a second time and had Emil, Julia, and Maude. They never married and lived in Mpls.MN.

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    Anders Christen Madsenof F Sonderhaa married Maren Pedersdatter of Hordum.

    They had Marne B 1843 , Ane b 1846, Karen B1847, Else b 1849 Nielseine b 1852 and Stein in 1853. The mother Maren died one day after Stein. Nothing is known of these children.

    Anders then married Anna Catherine Nielsdatter at Hoerdum. Anna is the daughter of Niels Edvardsen and Kristen Nielsdatter of Villerslev.

    they had:

  1. Niels and Maria (Nielsen)Andersen Hordum/Skyum, to Badger SD in 1885. They had 8 Children 6 which lived to adulthood.

    1. Anna, Kate, Emma and Art stayed in Badger, SD area.
    2. Christian lived a Butte Mt.
    3. Anders lived at Winnett,MT

  2. Marin married Peder Nelson and moved to Badger, SD area in 1880's Their 12 children stayed in the area.

  3. The obit of Niels lists that 2 sisters went to NE. Possibilites could be Stine B 1861, Ane 1864, MAds 1868, Jens, 1870. Nothing is know of any of the Hordum/Skyum families.

Missing Links

    can you help me find them?
  1. Joe Zurek family of Ord NE 1885
  2. Anders and Maren nee Pedersdatter Madsen from Hordum, Denmark 1850. to present
  3. Anders and Ane Catherinenee Nielsdatter from Skyum Denmark 1860. to present.
  4. Frank Wodwaska family Parisville, MI 1880
  5. Michael Fisher family Parisville, Mi 1880
  6. Wesel Vasicek that came on Western Metropolis in Nov 1967 from Boh.
  7. Wensel and Joshophine Vasicek that lived in Grant county WI in 1870.

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