Elrod Township

As told by Ralph Maynard


Clark County South Dakota

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This picture taken by John Biberdorf on October 10, 2002. I walked this area two times the first time I didn't find it, and the second time I found it and didn't have my camera,  I got busy, and didn't get back to it , but now we do have a picture.

A Simple Monument

Today a monuement of an unknown individual stands in Section 28

Of Elrod Township, Clark County, on a hill near the

North central  edge of the south east quarter. This marker                 

Was set up to indicate the approximate burial place of an unknown

Found there in the early 1880’s by three early settlers –Jim Pickles,

Lou Schaaf, and Bob Beatty, found a skeleton there with shreds of

Blue cavalry uniforn, belt buckle, military buttons, and a canteen lying on the prairie grass.

They buried what was there but didn’t ,mark it.


There families heard the tale and when Jim Pickles and Bob Beatty were reminiscing about their families pioneer days they recalled this incident and decided that there should be a marker, so a plaque mounted in concrete with the words of  “Unknown Soldier” impressed in the concrete was set up in the early 1930’s probably 1933. Speculation was that he may have died in the blizzard of 1881, and if so he may have been the first U.S. soldier to die in Clark County.



Copyrighted 2004 for Clark county South Dakota and Gordon C. Meyer

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