Restoration of St.Patrick's Cemetery at Naples SD

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This is what the cemetery looked like before the clean up-after you click on the picture, you will be able to see some of the tombstones sticking above the grass. 

The restoration of this Cemetery is being spearheaded by Father Bain of Clark. The dead grass, and weeds, have been cleared off, and now the work is beginning, This Cemetery is going to require a lot of hand work. There are a lot of holes, and mounds of dirt, the tombstones will have to be resealed where necessary, and all of them will have to be straightened, and reset. This is a big cemetery, over twenty tombstones, plus the unmarked graves. These graves are all listed with the locations, so they can be located, and found. 

ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY - NAPLES NE1/4, 14-115-56, Foxton Twp. 3/10 mile East of the Holida farm drive way; Holida farm is the second place South of the Naples Lutheran Church. 

St. Patrick’s was the first church to be built in Naples; S.D. John F. Broen gave a ½ acre of the southeast side of the town in 1890. The church was built that same year. They added on to the church in 1904.  

The Priest came from near by towns to have mass in Naples: St. Ann’s of Frankfort from 1889 to 1898, St. Mary,s of Bryant from 1898 to 1915, St. Henry’s of Henry from 1915 to 1923, St. Mary’s of Bryant from 1923 until it was closed.  

The parish was getting small so the church was closed. In March of 1930 the church was sold to Joe Holida for  $75.00.  It was dismantled, and they used the lumber to build a garage, and a corn crib on his farm. That is located across the road west of the where the church was located..  

The cemetery was ¼ mile east of the church off of the road. In 1908, John, and Jennie Foy of Nebraska legally gave the land for the cemetery. There were burials there in the late 1880’s 

There are 22 graves that have a headstone. There are graves that aren’t marked, and graves that have been moved. 

In 1951, they put a new fence around it. And moved the gate to the South West corner;  it was located in the middle of the west fence. The township helped with this project. 

The Cemetery is in need of a lot of Care as seen by the picture at the top of this page, The fence needs to be repaired, and there are holes all over , and the grass and weeds are 3 to 4 feet tall. The road to the cemetery is almost impassable.  

This Cemetery could, be made to look pretty nice with a little work. The fence could be removed, and just the graves be fenced in so it would be easier to mow, and it wouldn’t take much to make the road passable. 

Bergstresser(Baby)  Gr. 5 Lot 2 Sec E 

Fahey, John – 8/11/1891—2/2/1919   Gr. 5 Lot 7 Sec E

Farley, Agnes M.-Daugh of J. & H.M. Farley     6/21/1911--8/21/913  Gr. 5 Lot 3-Sec. E

Farley, James – 1831--1/8/1905  Gr 5   Lot 15  Sec B

Ferlick, Josephine - 1833/1926    Lot 3 Sec F Grave 1

Frolick, Lilly – 1/25/1915 – 6/21/1915  Sec F  Lot 5 Grave  5

Holida, Agnes – 5/8/1895—1/1/1944  Sec G- Lot 6, Grave 2

Holida, Anna – 1848-4/12/1943   Sec G, Lot 6, Grave 1

Holida,        Frank J. - 1863/1933  Sec. E Lot 6, Grave 1

Holida,        Frank S. – 4/10/1882 - 3/4/1943, - Sec F. Lot 6(in front) Grave 3

Holida,        Joseph F. – 4/10/1858 – 1/23/1935 – Sec F, Lot 6, Grave 5

Holida,        Josephine – 1872 – 2/5/1936  - Sec E – Lot  6 Grave 2

Holida, Mary          9/08/1891 –11/20/1907  Sec. F, lot 6, Grave 3

Kiggins, Mary        10/25/1889 – 4/23/1919 – Sec E, Lot 6  Grave 3

Koch, Grace B. -     /1913 – Sec G Lot 3 Grave 1

Koch, Lester           /1915 – Sec G Lot 3 Grave 2

Kossman, Amil      7/8/1907 – 4/24/1908 – Sec F, Lot 1, Grave 1

Kossman, Bernice – 1/26/1904 – 4/15/1906 -  Sec F, Lot 3, Grave 5

Kossman, Grace – 3/27/1890 – 5/29/1899 – Sec F, Lot 3, grave 3

Mc Daniel Gus  Sec F Lot 8, Grave 3

Mc Donald Alec

Mc Donald Gus

Miller, Raymond F. – 9/15/1895 – 5/31/1904 – Sec. F, Lot 7 Grave 4

Resick, Anna -  7/24/1885 – 4/22/1905 – Sec. F, Lot 3, Grave 4

Trhlik, Frona -(Mother) 1893/1919  - Sec E, Lot 6, Grave 5

Stonack, Mary - Sec D, Lot 6, Gr 5

This cemetery is difficult to locate from the road., It is east of Naples, 80 rods east of the Naples-Vienna County road through a private field, and a barbed wire fence, adjoining property owned by Woodrow Holida.  A tall cross which used to identify it, is gone now.  There are 21 readable headstones; there may be more graves but no identification.  Some bodies have been moved to other cemeteries since the church was moved.

It is rather weed-grown and forlorn.  There is no regular care­taker.

These Graves were moved

Stonack Mary       Moved to Vienna Lutheran Cemetary

Conway James    

Foy John              Moved to St. bonifice (Clark)

Foy Mary Ellen   Moved to St. Bonifice (Clark)

Graham Catherine      Moved to RI Around 1920


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