Unknown Graves

Clark County South Dakota


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M. Weinstein Homesteaded the NW 1/4 of Section 33 Logan Township.


According to the notes of Mrs. Oscar Foils Mr. Weinstein  was a Rabbi, and there 

Are two members of  the family buried east and south of the Building site, Wayne

Schlagel owns and lives on the property now, unfortunately  these were the

only directions as to the location of the burial site that I could find so far.  


According to the local history  the first funeral in Raymond was for Mrs. Leonne    

Rythers around 1883 and the burial was made on a hill south of Raymond this 

Grave was later relocated to Prairie Valley Cemetery.  Lot 167 Gr. 1.

It wasn’t until 1888 that a burial was made in what is now Prairie Valley Cemetery

This was Ferdinand Schoepp’s eight-month-old daughter, Ella Louise. In

1890 His wife Minnie, was buried there.



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