This is on a hill in the northeast'corner of Section 12

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The inscription is barely legible.

 .  There is a flat rock marker which is thought to indicate the grave of Aaron Noakson, father-in-law of Nell Noakson of Clark.  The date 1884 is chiseled in and the name which is no longer distinguishable.  He was also the uncle of Henry Russell, former resident of Lincoln Township and now of Tacoma, Wash.  Mr. Russell believes there are perhaps a dozen graves of the Noakson family here, but they are unmarked.  Other pioneer burials were made here, maybe as  many as forty, old-timers say, but who they were is no known.  The Noakson farm was across the ravine to the south.






On what was the Hoblet Ranch, west half of Section 14, and northwest quarter of section 23 in Fordham.

It is believed that a large boulder in the northwest corner of section 23 marks the burial place of a Hoblet, little daughter who burned to death, according to John Heffernan.  There are no markings on the boulder.


I checked this area, and the stone is still there, but some of the neighbors seem to think that they had her moved, this isnít verified, and when the Hoblits moved they went to Oklahoma.  (GCM)


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