Darlington Township Private Cemetery

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Darlington Township Private Cemetery

T115N,R58W-SW _.Sec/

Brannan Baby ---	--			Lot 5,  Gr 2

Gisel. Hilma  b. 12/10/1900, Died 12/13/1900	Lot 6,  Gr 1

        Daughter of J. and O. Gisel

Hallberg Agnes S.  b  10/17/1902, Died 12/26/1902	Lot 4,  Gr 1

        Daughter of Andres Hallberg , sister of Oscar and Fred

Johnson, Alvin     -------	Lot 6, Gr 2

        Brother of Mrs. Overlie and Clara Bailey's Mother

Anderson -No information on this one, except that he was 

a brother of Mrs Gisel

August Seefeldt  former caretaker for the graveyard, 

made the sign "Darlington"

over the entrance. It was fenced by "Gus" and Oscar 

Hallberg, who assumed responsibility for keeping it neatly 

mowed and cared for after Mr. Seefeldt's death 

Buried here is Hilmer Giesel,(baby of Ola and Johanna (Benson) Giesel,) 

who died Dec. 13,1900,. 

Another marker there bears one name, "Anderson," who 

was a brother of Mrs. Giesel, (This was Johanna, wife of Ola Gisel) Also in this cemetery is a 

Hallberg baby, Agnes Sabina Hallberg, who died in 102. She 

was a sister of Oscar, Walter, Harold, Fred, Harry, Richard 

Hallberg and Mrs. Walter Peterson. The fourth known grave 

is that of a Brannan baby.

      No doubt there were more burials   

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