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This cemetery is well taken care of but could use some access signs

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Southeast 1/4 of Section 21 Spring Valley Township

The land for this cemetery was given by Tom Foley's grandfather 

It was a part of  his homestead.  Tom Foley now owns his grandfather's 

homestead  Land.  A church stood on the northwest corner in the early days, 

was moved into Crocker, and now has been torn down. 

The first Catholic Church and Cemetery 1 mile south west of Crocker.  

In 1907-1908 they moved the Church to the northwest of Crocker. 

The church was closed in 1951, and sold the building a year later, it was 

moved to Lake Kampeska for a Cottage. 

The Cemetery isn't platted completely although part of it was down by the 

American Legion , There are 30 or more graves. 

Tom foley had the following identifying information

Dick Rowen, a harness maker in Crocker

Mr. And Mrs. Frank Fountain and daughter, Minnie, 

A farmer north of Round Lake

Tom Kinyon, a bachelor- farmer of the Crocker area:

James McTighe a railroad man who left the area and lived in New Mexico 

but was buried in Crocker. 1939 Mrs. James(Helen) McTighe died in Aberdeen 

and was buried in Crocker  in 1944 William Jackson, a school teacher who had just

received his masters in Education in 1928, when diving at Round Lake struck his 

head on a post and died 3 days later.  

Urdahl Grave - Baby twin girl of Oscar Urdahl in the far northwest 

corner of the treeline. Born and died in 1926. She was the twin sister of 

Mrs. Bob Lyke(Myrtis) of Clark. 

On the East side;

Foley, Catherine -                    1854/1911- Blk C, Lot 15Gr 1 - 2 

(Wife of John, Mother of Tom Foley)

Foley, John D. -                      1840/1934 - Blk C, Lot 15,  Gr___(Tom Foley's Father.

Foley, Katie -                        1886/1905 - Blk C, Lot 15, Gr on Line.  Daughter of 

John and Catherine Foley, sister of Tom   Foley. Died of Pneumonia in Aberdeen. 

Foley, Nellie Ellen -                 1892/1971 - (Sister of Tom)

Hjermstad, Bernard S. -               1905/1969 - Moved to St. Leo's Catholic 

Cemetery  Pipestone MN.               8/10/1983

Hjermstad, Timmy T. -                 1940/1941 - Moved to St. Leo's Catholic 

Cemetery Pipestone, MN.               8/10/1983

Jackson, Baby  - b-and-d              1918- (Tom Foley's sister Mary's baby)

Jackson, Emma J. -                    1916 /1917

Jackson, Mary -                       1885/1971 (bauried east of Nellie Foley, Mother Tom Foley's Sister)

Jackson, William L. -                 1907/1928 (Mary Foley Jackson's 

Son. Tom's nephew. He broke his neck when he dived into round lake)

Martin, Charles J.  -                 1869/1938 - Blk C. Lot 9, Gr 4-5

Martin, Charley, Sr. -                Blk C. Lot 9, Gr 2-3 - (Father)

Martin, Daniel P.                     1901/1901 - Blk C, Lot 9, Gr 2-3

Martin, Edessa Grace -                1877/1961 Blk C lot 9,  Gr 3-4 (Mother)

Martin Paul Anthony -                 /1926  Blk C, Lot 9 Gr 2-3

McTighe, Baby Son - -                 /1902

McTighe, Bridget -                    (Charley Martin's sister)

McTighe, Helen -                      1888/1947  (Wife of James)

McTighe, James  -                     1865/1939 (Uncle of Tom Foley, brother of James. 

He had a ranch in New Mexico)

McTighe, John                         1858/1938 (Uncle of Tom Foley; brother of James)

McTighe, Mary -                       1831/1909   (Wife of Thomas)  Blk C, Lot 10, Gr 3-4

McTighe, Peter----

McTighe, T. ---------

Obermeier, Elizabeth Jean (Jeanne) -  1933/1995  - Blk C, Lot 3, Gr 3

Southeast Corner

Cummion, Tom -

Fountain, Mrs. - (Mother of Frances Krapf)

Fountain, Mary - (Sister of Frances Krapf)

Krapf, Frances E.  -                 1892/1951

Rowen, Dick - d. sometime in the     1930's


Hoover, Joseph -                     1908/1908 - Blk A, Lot 11, Gr 1 

Son of F.R. and Maggie J. Hoover)

Martin, Bernard Joseph -             1854/1907 - Blk A, Lot 12, Gr 1

Enoch Skavang married his sister. He 

Build Foley's store in Crocker. His  wife was a nurse who went to 

Canada after his death. 

West Center:

Saur, Frank M. -                    1911/1977 - (Brother of Katie Voss of Clark Killed in an a

utomobile accident near Webster

Saur, Lillian A.                    1924/1984---

Phelps, Richard James               1927/1998  -  Blk D, Lot 2 Gr 3

Reppe, Lyle O.                      1927/1998 -  Lot 30, Gr 3

Unknown Graves

Sec. C, Lot 14 Gr 3-4              

Sec. C, Lot 11 Gr 2-3

Sec. C, Lot 9  Gr 1-5

Sec. C, Lot 15, Gr 2-3	        

Sec. C, Lot 15, Gr 3-4

Sec. C, Lot 16, Gr 3-4-5

Sec. C, Lot 21 Gr 1 and alley

Sec. B, Lot 16, Gr 1

Sec. C, Lot 14, Gr 1-2-3

Sec C, Lot 11, Gr 3-4-5

Sec C, Lot 8-11-12-13

Sec. C, Lot 12 Gr 4-5

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